Entertainment Weekly reports Destination America have decided it’d be a fantastic ratings grab to have a house exorcised on live TV. Live. An exorcism. In 2016.

It all takes place in October and it’ll be the first time an exorcism has been aired live in the U.S. (And there’s probably a good reason why…)

The best part? The special is titled Exorcism: Live! 

Starring psychic medium Chip Coffey and the cast of Ghost Asylum (perhaps better known as the Tennessee Wraith Chasers), the special will focus on their investigation of the house that inspired The Exorcist novel and film in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri.

This is the same St. Louis where teenager Ronald Doe was possessed and exorcised over several days in 1949. The true story (whether you believe it or not, the church gave approval exorcism did take place) was printed in local papers and would later inspire William Peter Blatty to pen his best selling novel.

I can only assume Exorcism: Live! (…ugh) will be predictably tacky hyperbole akin to reality TV– something I’d rather not be associated with The Exorcist, no matter how remote. Destination America are going live to help ensure ratings, and with so many viewers it’s safe to assume executives will ensure something happens to avoid embarrassment. Certainly that ‘something’ will be a pre-determined set-up and more play more ridiculous than fascinating.

The third act of Repossessed comes to mind.

But hey– I’m being cynical. Maybe they’ll prove me wrong?

Watch Below: William Peter Blatty talking about his inspiration for the novel, a clip from the 1998 documentary The Fear of God:

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