It was wonderful to see ‘the Godfather of makeup’, Mr. Dick Smith, honored during the In Memoriam tribute at the 2015 Oscar Awards. His image and sketches of his most famous creations, including a possessed Regan MacNeil, went to air.

Dick Smith passed away on July 30 2014 in Los Angeles. He received an honorary Oscar in 2011 for his achievements.

It could be argued that The Exorcist wouldn’t have been the film it is without the talents of Dick Smith. His innovation at the time paved the way for special effects makeup and all artists that followed.

I compiled this short video clip taking segments from the fantastic documentary The Fear of God (1998), where Smith talked openly about creating the demon makeup for actress Linda Blair and other effects he had to pioneer.

I’ll elaborate on how influential Dick Smith was to the film industry in a future tribute to him.

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