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Behind-The-Scenes Documentaries

The Fear of God: 25 Years of The Exorcist (BBC, 1998, 32mins)
Produced by Mark Kermode for the BBC, this documentary remains the most comprehensive look into The Exorcist you will ever see. Simply superb.
[flv:FearofGod_32mins.flv FearofGod_32mins.jpg 480 368]

Didn’t You Used to be Satan? Fame Factor Linda Blair (circa 2002, 25mins)
A documentary that looks at the struggles of Linda Blair’s career. Features Linda talking about issues surrounding The Exorcist production.
[flv:Didn’t-You-Used-To-Be-Satan.flv Didn’t-You-Used-To-Be-Satan.jpg 480 368]

Hauntings on The Exorcist (circa 1991, 5mins)
I’m not sure where this clip originates from. It features William Peter Blatty (rockin’ a killer mo’) talking about hauntings occurring during the production of The Exorcist.
[flv:Hauntings-on-The-Exorcist.flv Hauntings-on-The-Exorcist.jpg 480 368]

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