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Trailers and TV Spots

The Exorcist Trailer “Previously Unreleased”
This trailer is my favorite. After revealing the timeless image of Father Merrin arriving it bombards you with chilling cross-processed subliminals to the sounds of blistering strings from the score.
[flv:ExorcistUnreleasedTrailer.flv ExorcistUnreleasedTrailer.jpg 480 368]

The Exorcist Trailer “The Movie You’ve Been Waiting For”
Without the wait. This trailer was put together before the demon voice had been recorded (or mixed) so a temporary voice is used.
[flv:The-Movie-You’ve-Been-Waiting-For.flv The-Movie-You’ve-Been-Waiting-For.jpg 480 368]

The Exorcist TV Spot “Life Had Been Good”
[flv:Life-Had-Been-Good.flv Life-Had-Been-Good.jpg 480 368]

The Exorcist TV Spot “Nobody Expected It”
An early and rare TV spot where the voice of the demon has not been dubbed. Presumably it is Linda Blair’s voice but we don’t know for sure.
[flv:http://captainhowdy.com/video/Nobody-Expected-It.flv Nobody-Expected-It.jpg 480 368]

The Exorcist TV Spot “You, too, can see The Exorcist”
[flv:You-Too-Can-See-The-Exorcist.flv You-Too-Can-See-The-Exorcist.jpg 480 368]

The Exorcist TV Spot “Something Beyond Comprehension”
Flying title and a blue title card make this one rare and unique.
[flv:Beyond-Comprehension.flv Beyond-Comprehension.jpg 480 368]

The Version You’ve Never Seen Trailer + TV Spot “Most Electrifying”
I still remember when these were released and The Exorcist was in cinemas again. Happy memories!
[flv:TVYNS-trailer.flv TVYNS-trailer.jpg 480 368]

Exorcist II: The Heretic Trailer “Their Minds Locked Together”
Seeing this at the time would have excited filmgoers who though it would live up to the original…
[flv:Heretic_Teaser.flv Heretic_Teaser.jpg 480 368]

Exorcist III: Legion Trailer “Rare Morph”
Part of Morgan Creek changing the final act of William Peter Blatty’s Legion included the removal of a planned morph scene… but not before a trailer was cut.
[flv:Legion_Morph_Trailer.flv Legion_Morph_Trailer.jpg 480 368]

Exorcist III: Legion Trailer “We Thought The Terror Had Ended”
[flv:Legion-Trailer.flv Legion-Trailer.jpg 480 368]

Exorcist: The Beginning Trailer “Go Back…”
It was exciting as hell when this was released. The reversed shots. Tubular bells. Captain Howdy-esque subliminal images. How could they go wrong?
[flv:ETBteaser.flv ETBteaser.jpg 480 368]

Dominion: Prequel to The Exorcist Trailer “Roger Ebert calls…”
[flv:DominionTVspot.flv DominionTVspot.jpg 480 368]


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