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William Peter Blatty shows notes he took before writing The Exorcist

SONY PICTURES Have Picked Up the Television Rights to The Exorcist Miniseries

The news comes via The Exorcist author, screenwriter and producer himself, William Peter Blatty, in speaking with Ryan at TheNinthConfiguration.com.

*Hollywood trades are not reporting this news yet. No other details are known.

Blatty has famously written a teleplay for The Exorcist and past attempts at bringing his characters to TV without his involvement did not have his blessing (and were seemingly squashed as a result), so I ASSUME: Sony Pictures have the television rights to produce Blatty’s teleplay of The Exorcist.

(UPDATE: Blatty confirms that, yes, it was his teleplay Sony Pictures picked up, and the television rights have been officially purchased.)

This new version has been with Blatty him for some time– in 2009 he announced the teleplay was written and William Friedkin had expressed an interest in directing. That is no longer the case.

The Exorcist motion picture is widely praised for being one of the few examples of a film being just as good as the book. Still, Blatty maintains he’s always wanted to bring more of his novel to the screen and a miniseries run-time would allow for this.

Interestingly, Blatty’s first draft of The Exorcist screenplay was much lengthier before director William Friedkin trimmed it back to the concise film we know and love today (as confirmed by both men in The Fear of God documentary).

Sony Pictures have dealt with the exorcism theme before, having released box office hit The Exorcism of Emily Rose in 2005. They are behind current television shows Better Call Saul and Justified, to name just a couple.

More on this news at captainhowdy.com as it continues to unfold.

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  1. And tomorrow, we’ll learn that we have been hooked.

  2. God, I hope not.They did that with “Rosemary’s Baby” last year, “The Shining” back in the 1990’s.Strangely enough, though I have watched those mini-series, and read both novels, they do not resonate like the original Roman Polansky film based on Ira’s Levin’s novel.Stephen King’s novel, “The Shining” from 1977 was phenomenal, but when Stanley Kubrick made it his own cinematic masterpiece, which wisely avoided topiary suddenly springing to life, it was bone-chilling and claustrophobic, to say the least.The mini-series like last year’s “Rosemary’s Baby, were not nearly as effective.It was too modernized and shifting the story from New York to Paris was stupid and pointless.
    Zoey Saldana was NOT a good choice for Rosemary Woodhouse.
    William Peter Blatty expressed interest in changing key characters from “The Exorcist” into more “politically correct” versions.
    Blatty wanted to give the role of WILLIAM F KINDERMAN to QUEEN LATIFAH.That was back in 1997 when news of this “miniseries” first came to light.Nearly an entire generation has come and gone since we last heard about Blatty’s miniseries.No one has touched it.Hopefully, “The Exorcist” will remain in that class of “holy grail” films that just stands alone as an original.
    Too bad they had to ruin “Psycho” the way they did in 1998.
    Too bad someone told Rob Zombie that he could direct movies and ruin John Carpenter’s “Halloween”.
    Oh no……..if anyone would pounce on remaking “The Exorcist”, it would be Rob Zombie with Sheri Moon Zombie as Chris MacNeil!

  3. I would respectfully disagree. I have read my father’s screenplay for this proposed mini-series and think it even better than the original script and so if it is to be used I think it is worth the attempt. If it misfires it will not hurt the original in any way. (But I appreciate your thoughts about remakes of “classics” and agree with you in principle!) Cheers!

  4. p.s. Agree with you about Zombie. Dreadful stuff!

  5. I’m wondering if there is an update on this? I feel as though, although there have been improvements on television network programming, this should be made on a cable channel i.e. HBO or Showtime et al. Of course so that there would be more freedom to scare us! AMC has done so well with Walking Dead but Exorcisms go into different realms, so to speak 🙂

  6. Creature_of_the_Night

    It is too bad this site isn’t active.

    Could have good discussions.

    I for one like the tv series – and I expected to hate it – and even WANTED To hate it.

    But it was cool.

    When Geena said at the end she was Regan, I got goosebumps and stood up and cheered. And watched it over and over.

    It is cool how they had her mom come to the house and she was like in the Exorcist silhouette – I like the show – it has touches of the movie – but is its own entity – it is better done than I could have ever imagined.

  7. I have been watching the Exorcist TV series, it is fantastic, it is not a retelling of the original story, but has clear attachments to William Blatty’s novel, and the subsequent film, I had a feeling that Geena Davis character “Angela Rance” was really Regan McNeil, but changed her identity so as not to attract negative attention, that secret is now out, and regan’s mother Chris McNeil, (Sharon Gless) has turned up, which has caused any amount of unrest, and has got Regan facing her past once again, this is a wonderful series, and does nothing to undermine the original, I am hooked.

  8. did anyone ever actually watch this? it was….really, really, really good.

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