Many Exorcist fans have been saddened by the passing of visual effects specialist Marcel Vercoutere, who worked on The Exorcist during the film’s production in 1972/3. Marcel died on April 13, 2013.

Like me, most fans would have first been exposed to Marcel through the 1998 documentary The Fear of God, where he spoke about things such as creating the Regan dummy with Make-Up artist Dick Smith, building different beds for Regan’s bedroom, and having to obey director William Friedkin‘s orders and inadvertently hurt Ellen Burstyn‘s back during a stunt.

I’ve compiled this short video of Marcel recalling his experiences on set, you can watch it below.

ABOVE IMAGE: Marcel Vercoutere peeks over one of his custom-built beds on the set of The Exorcist, with director William Friedkin in the foreground.

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