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Articles on The Exorcist

If you have an old article that relates to The Exorcist sitting in a drawer somewhere, please consider popping them in your scanner and sharing them with Exorcist fans worldwide. Here’s what we’ve collected so far:

The Exorcist Press Kit

(Warner Brothers – 1973-4)
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Exorcist II: Heretic Press Kit

(Warner Brothers – 1977) Thanks to Mike
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Castle of Frankenstein

(Issue 22 – 1974) Thanks to ‘Mic Jaxn’
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Fangoria #94

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Fangoria #130 (1994)

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Fangoria #197 (2000)

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The Dark Side

(November 1991) Special Exorcist Issue
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Fear #11 (1989)

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Fear #18 (1990)

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Killing Moon (1993)

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Sight & Sound (UK 2003)

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New York Times (February 2004)

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Hollywood and the Supernatural

(year unknown) Thanks to Justin (I think)
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