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The Exorcist Cast Reunion Good Morning America (1984)
Barely ten years after The Exorcist was released (and around the time it would have been finding a release on VHS) author William Peter Blatty and cast members Linda Blair, Ellen Burstyn, Jason Miller and Max von Sydow appeared on Good Morning America together.
[flv:GMA-Exorcist-Cast-Reunion-84.flv GMA-Exorcist-Cast-Reunion-84.jpg 480 368]

William Peter Blatty The Late Show (1996)
Promoting his book Demons Five, Exorcists Nothing, William Peter Blatty appeared on The Late Show in 1996. He discusses how The Exorcist was eventually discovered and went on to become a #1 best seller.
Part 1
[flv:Blatty_Late_Show_int_96_01.flv Blatty_Late_Show_int_96_01.jpg 480 368] Part 2
[flv:Blatty_Late_Show_int_96_02.flv Blatty_Late_Show_int_96_02.jpg 480 368]

William Peter Blatty His Novels
I’m not sure of the origin of this clip. It features Blatty discussing the connections between his novels.
[flv:blatty_talk.flv blatty_talk.jpg 480 368]

Linda Blair aged 15 (1975)
[flv:lindablair15interview.flv lindablair15interview.jpg 480 368]

Linda Blair Supernatural (2007)
Promoting her guest appearance in the TV show Supernatural. They touch on The Exorcist right away.
[flv:linda_supernatural_interview.flv linda_supernatural_interview.jpg 480 368]

William Friedkin In The Director’s Chair (2009)
Promoting The French Connection on Blu-ray, William Friedkin also discusses The Exorcist.
[flv:Guardian-Friedkin-Interview-2009.flv Guardian-Friedkin-Interview-2009.jpg 480 368]

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