The Oscars official YouTube channel finally uploaded William Peter Blatty‘s acceptance speech from the 1974 ceremony, where he won the Academy Award for Writing (Screenplay–based on material from another medium) for The Exorcist. Fittingly, the award was presented by Jason Miller with Angie Dickinson.

Blatty’s speech was short and humble, thanking William Bloom, William Friedkin, and his late parents.

A transcript of William Peter Blatty’s speech:

I would like to thank Mr William Bloom who taught me the rudiments and the craft of screenwriting. And Billy Friedkin. And my late parents who came to this country on a cattle boat and who’s love and who’s courage have brought me to this moment, and this place. You’ve honored them tonight and I thank you very very much.

Please note I initially intended to embed the actual YouTube video direct from The Oscars channel, but the channel does not allow embedding of their videos, leaving me little choice but to include it using other means.

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