New Flesh Prints are were selling these amazing Exorcist posters by artist N.E. commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the iconic horror film. Sorry fans, I caught wind of this late as it got lost in the Halloween shuffle. No word yet on a possible second run of these prints but I’ll be keeping my ear to the ground.

Culture website Crome Yellow featured the artwork and posted some direct quotes from the artist:

About a year ago I was commissioned to create a poster to commemorate the movie The Exorcist. The 40th anniversary was coming up and it was going to be a nice thing to celebrate the film. The Exorcist, while being one of the scariest films of all time, is ultimately about a priest’s crisis of faith, guilt, and ability to fight and a very personal spiritual battle. I tried to convey this emotion and intensity with contrast and oppressive shadows in the illustration. By using a more stark composition, I hope to achieve a singular or at least striking image. In the end, the print was approved and given the go ahead to be printed by the film’s director William Friedkin. I was floored when he also generously offered to sign the variant run.


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