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WB announce THE EXORCIST back in cinemas for one night only

The scariest movie of all time is once again back where it belongs — on the cinema screen!

As part of their promotion for the highly anticipated Blu-ray release, Warner Brothers have announced the return of The Exorcist to the big screen for one night only! The Version You’ve Never Seen from the 2000 re-release (now being called the ‘Extended Director’s Cut’)  will play in the U.S. and Canada for on Thursday, September 30th, 2010.

To see if it is playing in your area, and to book tickets, click here. Also check out the new-look official website from Warner Brothers here.

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  • Kokumo

    damn! They must do this worldwide! I never had the chance to see this masterpiece on the silver screen.

  • The_exorcist

    will pass in Brazil?? because I am Brazilian and I live in Brazil! I love the movie and the best I have ever seen!

  • Carl Daigrepont

    I think they better change that to TWO nights!

  • Sweet! I was only 12 when it was rereleased in 2000 and wasn’t allowed to go see it, so I am all over this. Already booked my tickets 🙂

  • DamienKarras

    I don’t think I would go to see it in theatres, I think it takes away the personal feel of the movie. But it’s not playing near me anyway haha.

  • Jason Miller

    I can’t wait for September 30th!! I’ve already bought advanced tickets for both the 7pm AND 10:30pm shows from MovieTickets.com!!

  • Guest

    I’ve been searching but I can’t seem to find a theatre in Canada that’s playing it. I’ve even used the website above but it only works if you live in America. Is there a website like that but for Canada?

  • Jason Miller

    Hi there…No, unfortunately “Fathom”, whom is sponsoring this Event, can only legally show it in US theaters…Please see http://www.fathomevents.com/faq/#section2_7 and scroll down to the question about showings in Canada.

  • Jason Miller

    Well actually, if you click on that link I gave you above, you won’t need to scroll down at all…The information you need will be right at the top of the page!!…Sorry though dude…Maybe you cross the border just for that one night!!

  • Left Ofcenter

    Gosh, I don’t mean to be biased but I wish they would have released the original theatrical version instead of the 2000 cut. Some of those subliminal superimposed image along with the spider walk sequence and extended “exorcism break” by the staircase is just not very good and needed. With the sole exception of the great sound that’s now boosted the soundtrack, the original still rocks!!

  • Karas


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5TwT69i1lU  Enjoy the latest exorcism to hit town…