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Extremely rare negatives & publicity stills from The Exorcist

An extremely rare portfolio of photograph negatives and publicity stills from behind-the-scenes of The Exorcist recently sold at an auction– and we have no idea who the winning bidder was.

Life member Justin found the auction online once it had closed, but was able to snare the images used to publicize the auction so we could take a closer look. They show rare images of Linda Blair and William O’Malley as Father Dyer from 1972/73, but the entire portfolio was said to also contain images of director William Friedkin and actors Ellen Burstyn and Lee J. Cobb.

It’s a shame we missed out on this one. Hopefully the images will surface again at some stage and we can add them to the growing collection of behind-the-scenes images here at The Exorcist Fansite

Click the images for large resolution:

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  • DamienKarras

    I'm 16 and have a massive crush on 1970s linda blair.. It's embarassing haha.

  • Having a crush on Linda Blair is nothing to be embarrassed about. Circa 1976 Linda Blair (Heretic) is my crush. She still looks fantastic even today!

  • DamienKarras

    She does look very good nowadays =-)
    I think she looks best in Born Innocent.

  • Burkesolo

    Wow! Those shots are indeed rare! Where can I get my mitts on ’em?

  • We’re waiting for the owner to come forward or re-list them so we can get them scanned and featured here.

  • Pacific707

    She has grown up to be a beautiful woman, as well.

  • Anonymous

    Rare stuff great photos!

  • Hey, I did too.

  • Hey, I did too man