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New Exorcism Television Show

NBC Developing An Exorcism TV Series– But It’s NOT A Remake of The Exorcist

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed NBC are going ahead with an exorcism drama series for television– but it has no affiliation with William Peter Blatty‘s original story or the mini-series he has written for TV.

The Possession of Maggie Gill is being written by John Glenn (Eagle Eye) and produced by Amblin Entertainment.

THR also notes:

Exorcism dramas are a hot subject matter this development season.  The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is adapting his exorcism comic, Outcast, as a pilot at Cinemax; and former Walking Dead showrunner Glen Mazzara’s Damien, a follow-up to The Omen, received a straight-to-series six-episode order at Lifetime.

A shame Blatty’s mini-series isn’t part of this mix. Maybe there’s still hope?

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  1. Creature_of_the_Night

    At the beginning of the Exorcist…..when Merrin is in the curator’s office, and he is holding the Pazuzu little statue, and they show it in his hand and someone says ”Evil against Evil”…………..

    …who is that? The curator or Merrin????

    If you listen, the voice doesn’t sound like either one – maybe it was dubbed after production or something.

    But who do you think says that?

    Furthermore – WHOEVER said it – what do you think they mean by that?

    This is for anyone who sees this.

    Thank you.

  2. Creature_of_the_Night

    There will NEVER be another production…tv show, movie, etc…about exorcism that does it as good as the Exorcist.

    The Exorcist is a piece of art.

  3. Merrin says it cause the other guy is like “Father?”

  4. Creature_of_the_Night

    I love Frankenberry – lol

    Thanks for answering – never thought I’d get an answer.

    Forgot I posted this.

    But the voice sounds weird – like they dubbed it in.

    I love the first ten minutes of the Exorcist – LOVE IT!

    And it is accurate to the book.

  5. Creature_of_the_Night

    Anyone ever see Exorcismus? What did you think of it?

    It was entertaining enough once – but I’ll never watch it again – and I didn’t understand a lot of cr*p that happened at the end.

    It was kinda goofy – I like the girl who played the main character though.

    She was kinda cool.

  6. It was Merrin who said it,

    In ancient Babylonian times people hung amulets of Pazuzu on their doors to ward off other evil spirits, contrary to the notion that Pazuzu was wholly malevolent, he was a bringer of harmony to households, particularly being a chief protector of pregnant women, Pazuzu would seek human hospitality in return for devine protection against undesirable forces, Pazuzu, in being ruler of the winds uses his force to fell horrible demons, by employing the forces of storms to overcome their foes.

  7. Creature_of_the_Night


    Thank you.

    Good answer.

    You know your stuff.


    Hard to believe that demon in Regan actually had any good in him/her.

  8. Creature_of_the_Night

    Has anyone here ever met Linda Blair, or Jason Miller, or anyone from the movie like at a convention or whatever?

    What were they like?

    I’d love to meet Linda Blair.

    I have heard conflicting reports from people who met her – some say she is cool, and some say she isn’t the friendliest.

    Some say she doesn’t like talking about the Exorcist all that much.

    She pushes her animal stuff a lot.

    Just thought I’d throw this out there – it would be interesting to hear people’s stories.

  9. Hi,
    I am a massive fan of the Exorcist, book and film, but I also have a great interest in the ancient civilisations, it is surprising how many had a strong belief in demons, evil spirits and such like, I was interested in how Peter Blatty chose Pazuzu as the entity that possessed Regan, certainly the iconography is representative of how many would perceive the devil, and Pazuzu is a grotesque and hideous sight, and fit the demograph perfectly.

  10. Why is it always females who get possessed? BTW, this was posted Sep 14; has the sereies comeand gone already? If so, wasn’t much of a splash. Finally, why not create a mini series based on a decent sequel of the Exorcist. There was so many ideas they could have gone with, instead, that drug induced, pile of dung The Heretic was released.

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