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LISTEN: BBC Radio 4’s Complete Dramatization of The Exorcist

BBC Radio 4’s fascinating adaptation of William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist, dramatized by Robert Forrest, went to air over two nights on 20 & 21 February 2014.

Listen to both parts below. You can also download mp3 files of both episodes and read my reviews. You’re welcome to join us in the Discussion Forum if you’d like to share your thoughts with other Exorcist fans.



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  1. Robert Mark Campbell

    Sooooo good! Fresh take, fresh editing, concise, faithful in spirit to source material. Bravo.

  2. Wow. That was dreadful. terrible acting, especially by the demon. Crappy sound effects and music. No tension whatsoever and certainly not the least bit frightening, let alone unsettling. The excessive and often theatrical and unbelievable dialogue is a reminder of how much crappy prose was in Blatty’s original novel and how poorly it would have translated to the screen. It certainly translates poorly to the radio. It makes you wonder how big a hand Friedkin had fashioning the screenplay, specifically in cutting out unnecessary and hokey dialogue (all those stupid movie references) and leaving only the best bits. I love Blatty’s novel, but the truth is he needed an editor, someone like Friedkin who was not afraid to mercilessly cut. Like that forgettable tv-version of King’s “The Shining” (which if I remember correctly was both written and directed by King himself) a too-faithful adaptation only highlights the original novels many weaknesses, specifically the dialogue (which might work on the written page but sounds ridiculous when spoken by an actor).

    All that said: THANKS FOR POSTING. I am glad that I had a chance to hear this.

  3. Oh cool. Gonna listen to this now 🙂

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