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BBC Radio 4 Will Air The Exorcist Audio Adaptation This Month

There were whispers back in November 2012 that a radio adaptation of William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist could be hitting the airwaves in 2013.

BBC Radio 4 have now confirmed the audio drama will air this month, stretched over two evenings on Thursday 20 and Friday 21 February from 11pm. Links to streams and downloads are provided below.

Speaking with The Guardian, director and producer Gaynor Macfarlane detailed how the audio drama would handle some of the visual obstacles:

“In the book there is some doubt about whether Regan’s head turns around or not. Our version may not have these filmic tricks, but it has a gradual, creeping, perhaps more toxic horror. You feel tainted by hearing it.”
“Robert Forrest, who adapted the story for us, was fascinated by the psychological story and he has put Father Karras, the priest figure, at the centre of the story. It takes him to the point of a possible breakdown.”

While any kind of remake or adaptation of The Exorcist is often a worrying prospect, I find it comforting this audio portrayal intends to cling to the drama surrounding Karras’ struggle that is so prevalent in Blatty’s novel. I’m looking forward to hearing this.

You can tune in to live streaming of BBC Radio 4 here:

You can LISTEN TO PART ONE and read my review HERE.
Download the mp3 of part one HERE.


Karras – Robert Glenister
The Demon – Alexandra Mathie
Regan – Lydia Wilson
Chris – Teresa Gallagher
Kinderman – Karl Johnson
Dyer – Bryan Dick
Karl – Gerard McDermott
Willie – Christine Absalom
College President – Paul Stonehouse
Dr Klein – Ben Crowe
Dr Bowden – Sean Murray
Mother – Joanna Brookes
Sharon – Hannah Wood
Director – Gaynor MacFarlane
Producer – Gaynor MacFarlane
Adaptor – Robert Forrest
Author – William Blatty

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