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Jason Stringer

Former Webmaster of captainhowdy.com

Exorcists: The True Story documentary video

A 2004 documentary called Exorcists: The True Story has finally found its way to the internet, thanks largely to Exorcist Fansite members columbiancannon and Ryan. The documentary explores the belief in possession and the practice of exorcism, featuring a dramatisation of the real 1949 Maryland exorcism, which was the inspiration …

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Seasons Greetings with possessed Regan

Some people have the coolest friends. Fellini has forwarded what is potentially the greatest Christmas card any Exorcist fan could ever receive. If these were available in stores I would scoop up as many as I could (and most probably never even send them to people, just keep them for …

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Lobby Cards of The Exorcist, Heretic and Legion

It’s a shame how lobby cards became phased out in recent years. Big, beefy promotional material always suited cinema. These days almost everything happens online or via cable television. At least we have traditional, classic lobby cards from The Exorcist that we can look back on. Thanks to Stephen for …

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Worst Exorcist film of the series

A review of Exorcist: The Beginning by Erik Kristopher Myers Originally published on bloodynews.com August 2005 Renny, my boy, I’ve got to admit: for a minute there, you almost had me fooled. Yeah, it’s true: we Exorcist fans nearly puked up our pea soup when we heard that Paul Schrader”the …

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Exorcist: The Original Rules

A review of Exorcist: The Beginning by Captain Howdy Originally published on bloodynews.com August 2005 I found myself almost a month late viewing the film I covered for nearly five years on my website. Well, actually “ I could have been 18 months late¦ I guess it all depends on …

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New interview with Eileen Dietz

Deke Farrow over at The Modesto Bee sat down with Eileen Dietz who is appearing at the ShockerFest International Film Festival. Dietz was originally uncredited as Linda Blair’s stunt double in The Exorcist, a credit that was eventually honored in The Version You’ve Never Seen re-release years later. Speaking at …

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