Upcoming Rue Morgue issue commemorates 40 years of The Exorcist

Horror culture and entertainment magazine Rue Morgue will commemorate 40 years of The Exorcist with their upcoming issue, hitting newsstands on December 1st.

With the ghastly Captain Howdy illustration by Jason Edmiston gracing the cover, the issue is set to feature an all-new exclusive interview with director William Friedkin and take a look at some unfilmed screenplays by William Peter Blatty, plus more. The issue will also available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, PC and Mac for only $4.99 an issue.


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  • John Walker

    Just downloaded this. Nice Job by rue morgue! 40 years of this great film deserves recognition!

  • http://ascii.textfiles.com/ iPadCary

    Yeah, I just downloaded this, too.
    Haven’t been to “CaptainHowdy” in a while.
    Glad to see it’s still up & running!
    Saw this article here & immediately downloaded the issue on my iPad Air.
    Incidentally, it’s sorta of a pain in the ass to
    search for it in the Newsstand app.
    Don’t ask me why, it just is.
    So for those interested, here’s the direct link:
    Just give it a few seconds to come up.