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new poster for the exorcist

Striking Exorcist Poster For Promotional Screening

This great minimalist poster (if that’s the correct term?) comes to us from artist David Moscati and was used to promote a recent screening of The Exorcist at The Castro Theatre in San Francisco.

It’s an interesting take on the classic “Merrin Arrives” shot that has graced so many posters and covers over the years. I like how it incorporates the Washington Steps and a crucifix within the familiar shaft of light below Merrin’s silhouette. A closer look also finds Pazuzu and a levitating Regan.

If you’re interested in purchasing this print for your wall, you can do so via Spoke-Art for the price of $40.

The Exorcist poster for The Castro Theatre screening

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  • Scott Kingsbury

    Like how it incorporates the over all shape of coffin as well.