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Linda Blair, aged 15, being interviewed in London, from the BBC Midweek segment

Watch Linda Blair’s 1974 Visit to London, As Covered by the BBC

Linda Blair’s smile melts photographers as they snap their countless shots while reporters throw repetitive questions in her direction, all of them answered with a gracious patience.

An innocent fifteen year old girl being swept up in the hype of the most controversial horror film of all time, braving the media attention and proving– despite ongoing reports at the time– that filming The Exorcist did not have a negative psychological affect on her.

This rare BBC Midweek television segment, by reporter David Jessel, follows Linda Blair on a promotional trip to London in March of 1974, at the height of The Exorcist’s popularity before being famously banned from all UK cinemas. It was uncovered by Everything Exorcist life-member Justin, who posted it on the discussion forums.


Below is an image gallery of stills I captured from this video.

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