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VIDEO: Preview new footage from behind the scenes of THE EXORCIST ahead of the Blu-ray release

Some fantastic snippets from the behind-the-scenes documentaries appearing on the upcoming Blu-ray of The Exorcist have been made available online (via movieweb). I have embedded the video clips below.

The main documentary is Raising Hell: Filming The Exorcist, which features newly-shot interviews with cast and crew and includes never-before seen footage from behind the scenes of The Exorcist. It seems to follow a similar path as Mark Kermode‘s famous BBC documentary The Fear Of God from 1998, only Raising Hell will include all of that tantalizing new footage and was pieced together by famous documentarian Laurent Bouzereau. (Incidentally, The Fear of God is still included on the second disc of the Blu-ray edition, but not the DVD release).

Also included are snippets from bonus documentaries The Exorcist Locations: Washington Then and Now, and Faces of Evil: The Different Version of The Exorcist. While these documentaries can be viewed separately, they are designed to play back-to-back as a large, three-part documentary, running almost for almost 2 hours.

This marks the first time The Exorcist has appeared on the Blu-ray format. The special edition two-disc digi-book releases October 5 2010 (pre-order yours here) along with the Extended Director’s Cut DVD (pre-rder here). Only the Blu-ray will include the new documentaries along with both the original theatrical cut and the Extended Director’s Cut of the film, while the DVD will only feature The Extended Director’s Cut (formally known as The Version You’ve Never Seen).

The video clips below include Linda Blair talking about the landmark Exorcist stairs, William Friedkin talking about directing the film, and William Peter Blatty talking about the Georgetown locations, among others.

Probably the most exciting snippet to see ahead of the official release of the special edition discs is the complete footage of the ‘Birthday’ scene, where Chris takes daughter Regan to see the sights of Washington on her Birthday. In the clip provided, Director William Friedkin admits he wanted to put it back into the film, but couldn’t find the soundrack so many years on:

William Friedkin

Low-Tech Mechanical Effects

Famous Head-Turning

The Stairs

The Exorcist Locations: Georgetown Now and Then

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  • DamienKarras

    Thanks for embedding them, This site was giving me trouble when I was on it. Love the new look by the way!

  • Carl Daigrepont

    Thanks for the awesome preview.
    I would really like to end this confusion about the 360 head-turning.
    Blatty doesn’t remember, but surely Friedkin does…
    In many reported cases of possession, the demon will cause the Exorcism participants to HALLUCINATE in order to terrify them.
    Chris and Karras are the only two people in the house that know about Dennings’ 180 head-twist death.
    So, Chris sees Regan’s 180 twist and Karras sees a 360 head twist.
    Karras also sees “the face”, his mother in Regan’s bed and other hallucinations.
    Merrin sees the demon statue in the room.
    I don’t believe that Merrin sees the 360…that’s Karras’ point-of-view and I don’t believe Karras sees the statue.
    THESE THINGS ARE NOT REALLY HAPPENING… but we share the horror.

  • DamienKarras

    I had always wondered about when the 360 head spin occurred and Merrin didn’t react, maybe because he was involved in a very intense exorcism before or, your theory that only Karras sees it. I do like that idea because when you see Regans face right after the rotation,she is staring intently at Karras in a way as to almost say: “Yeah.. How do you like that, I have a grip on your mind =-)”. Good one =P

  • Phillipbourke

    Thank you so much for those videos. They wouldn’t work on that other site. The transfer looks good, though a little too soft (they might have taken too much of the grain out). And why is the pea soup vomit so bright ? I think the transfer will look fine in HD.

  • Fmannaja

    Do you know if other outtakes will be included?…

  • Thanks so lot.
    I bought it on Amazon.com. I can not wait to hold in my hands this little gem!