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TV and DVD release details for documentary film THE HAUNTED BOY, THE SECRET DIARY OF THE EXORCIST

Spooked TV and The Booth Brothers (as seen on SyFy – NBC-Universal)  are currently promoting their new paranormal film The Haunted Boy, The Secret Diary of The Exorcist which is based on the infamous, true story behind the terrifying, bestselling book and motion picture, The Exorcist.

The filmmakers, Christopher and Philip Booth have spent two years traveling through St. Louis documenting and filming their latest film project using a copy of the once secret diary written by Father Raymond Bishop, which had been hidden away for over 25 years and chronicles the gritty exorcism.

Along with leading local paranormal investigators on board, together they delve deeper than anyone else has before utilizing Interviews with the actual relatives of the The Haunted Boy and The Lead Exorcist, Father William Bowdern.

Plus heart pounding investigations of the actual house the exorcism took place, the horrifying asylums and the churches the boy was once kept under lock and key.

The paranormal activity found within these dark, decaying walls are as shocking as the truth itself found embedded amongst the eerie pages of The Secret Diary of The Exorcist.

The film is scheduled to air on SyFy channel, NBC-Universal late November and will be released October 1 on a Special Edition, Uncensored DVD. Available at spookedtv.com thehauntedboy.com and Amazon.com nationwide.

A local big screen premiere will also be held at the historic Tivoli theater, Delmar in the University City Loop in St. Louis, MO on Oct. 21at 8 pm .The film will be shown along with a Q&A with the filmmakers, the Booth Brothers themselves. Tickets are available at here for $15 which includes a copy of the diary with ticket purchase.

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  • Father Bowdern

    Great info, Cap. Thanks for sharing this!

    Father Bowdern

  • Father Bowdern

    I also should have added that Ronald Hunkeler is missing out on a small fortune by not coming forward. Perhaps NASA insisted that he remain silent after all – or – he was lying to get attention and did so very well to fool the priests.

    Father Bowdern

  • Mike Blatty

    Why are you promoting this crap?

  • As painful as it might be, Exorcist fans can’t get enough and this extension of the story is too intriguing to ignore.

  • Mike Blatty

    People tend to forget that “The Exorcist” was not based upon the case of supposed possession that is exploited in “The Haunted Boy”. That was an incident which my father had read about while a student at Georgetown University, and certainly it was one of many cases of supposed possession that he researched before writing his book, which is a work of FICTION.
    My father went to considerable lengths to protect from exposure the name of the child involved in that case, and it is a shame to see people tossing around his name as though it is some sort of achievement to “be in the know.” I certainly don’t speak for my father in any way, but my own opinion is that this man’s privacy ought to be respected. If he had wanted to tell his story and cash in on all the hoopla surrounding “The Exorcist” (as one of your posters suggests he ought to do) then he would have written a book about the TRUE story many years ago. Personally, I don’t believe this person was ever possessed by a demon or demons – and as I have said, “The Exorcist” is not about him in any case.
    Why not just enjoy the film for what it is: an entertaining, thought-provoking, well-acted and brilliantly-crafted work of cinematic storytelling?
    By the way, Captain, this is a nifty website you’ve got going!

  • The cover looks good but really creepy.