Life member of The Exorcist Fansite Justin has put together a great comparison chart to demonstrate just how improved (and damn near-perfect) The Exorcist Blu-ray transfer appears to be. The chart compares screen captures of frames from the original 1997 DVD release, The Version You’ve Never Seen 2001 DVD and the upcoming Blu-ray (lifted from the recently released trailer). In the Blu-ray frames the blacks are black, the colors are rich and the image appears naturally sharp. This may be the best The Exorcist has ever looked in your own home!

Click the image to view large resolution:

We’re all getting excited about the long awaited Blu-ray release of The Exorcist from Warner Brothers, finally hitting stores on October 5. An exclusive trailer for the special edition disc, which will come complete with both 1973 and year 2000 versions of the film, was released earlier this week, revealing some fascinating special features from behind-the-scenes that will be available to fans for the first time. Fans also noticed how great the image looked on the new transfer, completed personally by cinematographer Owen Roizman and director William Friedkin.

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