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The Exorcist image quality comparisons between DVD and Blu-ray discs

Life member of The Exorcist Fansite Justin has put together a great comparison chart to demonstrate just how improved (and damn near-perfect) The Exorcist Blu-ray transfer appears to be. The chart compares screen captures of frames from the original 1997 DVD release, The Version You’ve Never Seen 2001 DVD and the upcoming Blu-ray (lifted from the recently released trailer). In the Blu-ray frames the blacks are black, the colors are rich and the image appears naturally sharp. This may be the best The Exorcist has ever looked in your own home!

Click the image to view large resolution:

We’re all getting excited about the long awaited Blu-ray release of The Exorcist from Warner Brothers, finally hitting stores on October 5. An exclusive trailer for the special edition disc, which will come complete with both 1973 and year 2000 versions of the film, was released earlier this week, revealing some fascinating special features from behind-the-scenes that will be available to fans for the first time. Fans also noticed how great the image looked on the new transfer, completed personally by cinematographer Owen Roizman and director William Friedkin.

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  • Robin

    Nice, there's a slight difference there already. I'd keep my eyes on the site blu-ray.com right around the end of September or earliest days of October though, when they're sure to upload full 1080p screenshots (you just have to join the site, which is free).
    Until then I only hope warnerbros.com/warnerblu or some other site will do us the honors of sharing the trailer in full 1080p-resolution, it'll look truly jawdropping then. 😉

    How many members have just now thought of saving up for a HDTV or BR-player? 😀

  • I have the TV, but I'm yet to spring for a Blu-ray player. I've always said I will get one once The Exorcist was made available, so I am currently shopping around!

    Yes, a full 1080p trailer would be amazing, hopefully we'll see it sooner rather than later.

  • Ragingpsychosis

    Get a PS3, its the most advanced BRP out there and fully upgradeable!

  • Ragingpsychosis

    I already have both and I cant wait for this release. My cousin has just purchased a HDTV and in September plans to get a PS3 so when The Exorcist is released on BR he can watch it immediately!

  • Robin

    Same here, Cappy. Got the TV, time for the player. 🙂

  • Steve

    Not sure about this…Chris MacNeil's bed sheets look greenish yellow now when before they were more of a mustard color.

  • Robin

    Check it out guys, I threw out some emails, it's still not 1080p, but slightly better:

  • Gavvo

    Looking good already! It's amazing to see the difference between the 25th annivesary and the 200 editions. The first looks much warmer. The 2000 release looks harsh and very high contrast/gamma, although the actual transfer was a lot smoother/clearer. Why do they mess about with the colours so much? It would be interesting to see what the REAL colours actually looked like. Will check out the trailer you linked Robin.
    I'm so glad Owen Roizman was involved in this transfer to blu-ray. After all the comments about how Friedkin 'destroyed' the French Connection transfer (haven't seen it btw) I was starting to worry a bit.

    Wanna throw a question out to you guys. Any idea why i still get Judder when watching Blu-Ray discs? My TV is full 1020p HD and my BRPlayer is set to match it, yet panning shots are not as smooth as they should be. Cheers in advance!!!

  • gavvo

    meant to say 2000 edition…tv is 1080p. Am at work and typed too quickly! lol

  • I don't mean to rock your world, Steve, but the bed sheets have always been green and the different grades/transfers over the years have made them appear mustard.

  • Steve

    Hey if that's the case then I am all for it. Might take some getting used to though.

  • Steve Dunlap

    Even though stand alone blu-ray players have come down a lot in price, the best blu-ray player you can get is still the PlayStation 3. My blu-ray movies look simply stunning on it. 🙂

  • Steve Dunlap

    Ach, ya beat me to the recommendation. So, lemme just wholeheartedly agree with you. 🙂

  • Steve Dunlap

    I bought the blu-ray as soon as I saw it out at Best Buy. Honestly, I did not even know there was any kind of major promotional campaign for it. I simply remember that I’d always been pining for a blu-ray release of this (still to this day) unparalleled film. However, I would only buy it if it had more features than the five movie DVD pack that had been released a couple years ago…and it did, so naturally I sprang for it. I simply could not believe my eyes at how stunning this movie is in high-definition. The remaster is superb. The film looks as if it were shot last year, and the movie was made 35+ years ago. Simply stunning.