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Friedkin confirms 40th Anniversary Blu-ray in 2013; new digital print

Via his official Twitter last weekend, director William Friedkin unofficially confirmed what many of us anticipated: there will be a new Blu-ray release to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Exorcist in 2013.

When asked by a fan if a digital or film print would be shown at the Seattle International Film Festival on June 9, where Friedkin is being honoured in person, the director confirmed a new digital print of The Exorcist is being used for the screening. He went on to say the same print is also being used by Warner Brothers for a new Blu-ray release next year.

The digital print for Seattle is actually being used as the master for next years 40th Annv Blu-ray. It’s incredible.

Friedkin revealed the “spectacular” new print took him six months to make. “The new Exorcist print looks exactly like what it did through the viewfinder when I shot the movie,” he tweeted. “I saw new things about the film that I had either forgotten or not noticed before. This is not hyperbole. When you look through a finder, the color is perfect, there is no dirt and no scratches, no flaws.”

That is a staggering and exciting anecdote from Friedkin. It reminds me of the experience I had when I watched the first Blu-ray. The image was the crispest and the sound was the clearest I had ever experienced while watching The Exorcist; it honestly felt like I was seeing it for the first time all over again.

I’m glad there is a new print for a new disc release. I hope Warner Brothers consider some new special features and not just repackage the stuff we’ve seen before on previous releases (including DVDs). They put together a fantastic Blu-ray in 2010, but this one needs to be amazingly memorable to commemorate 40 years of The Exorcist.

Thanks to Justin for the heads-up about this news!

Are you excited for the new blu-ray? What features are you hopeful to appear on the 40th anniversary disc(s)? Join us on the forum and have your say.

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