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Hacked. The gripe against this site.

If you visited in the past 48 hours you would have seen that CaptainHowdy.com was the victim of another online pirate attack.

Someone, for some reason, has a huge gripe with this website. I’ve had the world of trouble dealing with constant spam, server infringements and now the entire eradication of my databases (of not just this site, but also my personal blog and other family sites). This has gone beyond a joke.

I’m sorry to say to all the users of CaptainHowdy.com, our Discussion Forums have been wiped. Yes, even the back-ups. I’m talking with my server hosts to see what can be done, but it is not looking good. I will do my best to restore what I can.

To be honest, I am running out of steam and patience. I’m a normal guy, a family guy with many other commitments to attend to. I run this joint as a hobby and I enjoy the hours spent building this place – what I do not enjoy and what I will not tolerate any longer is having to spend ridiculous hours restoring what shouldn’t have been messed with in the first place.

Nor should users of this website who have dedicated their time to providing posts in discussion have to put up with their comments being wiped.

I’m calling out to any of you — please — if you know absolutely anything at all about who or what might be behind the gripe held with THE EXORCIST FANSITE and these successful hack-jobs, please step forward and let me know. Because frankly, I’m not sure I could give a fuck spending my time being dicked around much longer. Sadly, this is exactly what they want.

My patience is running to an end. Any information you may be able to provide could help. Email me here if there is something you have to say.

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