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An open letter to WARNER BROTHERS Home Entertainment from Exorcist fans

ATTN: President, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group

RE: A future release of The Exorcist

It is with high hopes and great anticipation that I optimistically type this letter to you both, Mr Tsujihara & Mr. Sanders, on behalf of Exorcist fans around the globe.

We anticipate a re-releases of The Exorcist in the near future, especially with the rollout of new DVD formats sweeping home entertainment. This has prompted us to attempt to reach.

We hope Warner Brothers Home Entertainment will consider releasing a definitive edition of the film we admire and consider one of the greatest of all time “ The Exorcist.

As you might expect, fans of The Exorcist have very specific ideas about what kind of bonus features they would like to see on any potential box sets that could be released.

We are hoping, though this letter, your department will take the opportunity to liaise with this fan-based community at The Exorcist Fansite to help determine exactly what could be achieved, or what might be possible.

We are not looking for royalties, credit or glory with this request. We simply want to see a special edition of The Exorcist so full-to-the-brim with special features that it could be compared to other films which have their share of releases; box sets and definitive editions.

Please do take the time to reply. Thousands of anxious Exorcist fans eagerly look forward to your response!

Kind regards,

The fans,
CaptainHowdy.com The Exorcist Fansite

Members of CaptainHowdy.com, please discuss in this thread.

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