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Legion: For we are many

To all the loyal Exorcist fans around the globe who have hung on for CaptainHowdy.com every single day over the last several years, I thank you. I remember posting back in our heyday that I would never let my baby die. Projects come and go, but this website must always remain. People got scared when I branched off and produced bloodynews.com with a dedicated team of volunteers, and they were right to do so as it clearly distracted me from this site. But I have always sworn CaptainHowdy.com would be back and would never close. I could just never close her down.

So, I present to you a brand-new, fully integrated Exorcist Fansite “ ready to deliver yet again! I have parted ways with BloodyNews.com for a handful of reasons, the main being a recent health scare which I am still in the midst of. This site means a lot to me, and it is time I show it the respect it deserves. It’s not going away again. Not this time. It’s back forever.

I learned a great deal while I was away, and I have grown as a person in ways I never thought imaginable. I suspect I have even more growing to do.

Thank you for sticking by me. Thank you visiting this site. Thank you for being Exorcist fans.

Now REGISTER, and let’s rebuild this community! We have much to discuss!

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