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Striking Exorcist Poster For Promotional Screening

new poster for the exorcist

This great minimalist poster (if that’s the correct term?) comes to us from artist David Moscati and was used to promote a recent screening of The Exorcist at The Castro Theatre in San Francisco. It’s an interesting take on the classic “Merrin Arrives” shot that has graced so many posters …

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Watch: The Exorcist With Puppets

The Exorcist with Puppets

Just when you thought you’d seen it all. One of the finest Exorcist parodies has arrived online, ladies and demons: The Exorcist With Puppets is a must-see. Yes, …with puppets! These may be cute little bundles of fur but make no mistake, the production quality here is extraordinary and actually …

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Fan Art: Sculptures & Drawings

Halloween night fast approaches! I hope many of you have some Exorcist-related costumes, decorations or themes for this spooky season. I myself will be dressing as Father Karras (complete with a suit splattered in green pea soup) and attending a horror film night at a local independent cinema. Sadly, they …

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Sculpting Regan from scratch

Halloween is coming, folks, and you know what that means: Carved pumpkins, mountains of candy and horror movie marathons on every other TV station. It’s also the one time die-hard Exorcist fans get to dress up as Regan, wearing clothes splashed with green pea soup and calling people “worthless cocksuckers” …

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Seasons Greetings with possessed Regan

Some people have the coolest friends. Fellini has forwarded what is potentially the greatest Christmas card any Exorcist fan could ever receive. If these were available in stores I would scoop up as many as I could (and most probably never even send them to people, just keep them for …

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Fan Video: Speaking In Tongues

Sharon (Kitty Winn) tunes in to the radio to drown out the exorcism taking place

Curiosity gets the best of us most of the time, and that is certainly the case with Exorcist Fansite Life Member fatherbowdern and his ongoing interest in The Exorcist.  Check out this video he has taken the time to create for the sake of intrigue, something I wish I had …

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FanArt: Glamonster Shots: Say Howdy!

One section I look forward to ramping up again soon is the FanArt image gallery. Over the years, many members and visitors to The Exorcist Fansite have contributed original works celebrating the horror film they adore most. The latest addition comes from our very own Mike Garrett (click to enlarge): …

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