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Fan Art: Sculptures & Drawings

Halloween night fast approaches! I hope many of you have some Exorcist-related costumes, decorations or themes for this spooky season. I myself will be dressing as Father Karras (complete with a suit splattered in green pea soup) and attending a horror film night at a local independent cinema. Sadly, they are not screening The Exorcist. I shall complain.

I have some great works of Exorcist Fan Art to share with you. First, some amazing wall plaques of Regan by artist Bill Webb, which he submitted via email recently. He also included an image of his Regan bust sculpture which, I must admit, I have come across online in the past; it’s nice to finally be in contact with the creator. I wish I could have something like this hanging on my door to surprise trick-or-treaters this season!


Second are some fantastic drawings from young sketch artist Gabriele Saragaglia from Italy. He enjoys re-creating scenes from the film with his talents and I’m pleased he agreed to share them with us. Fifteen years old, I’d say there’s some real potential, wouldn’t you?



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