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The Exorcist retold in 60 seconds using claymation

YouTuber Lee Hardcastle chose to use The Exorcist as the subject as his entry for Empire Online’s Done In 60 Seconds competition, creating a version of the classic horror film using claymation.

The video takes a humorous approach (as do most running in the competition) and creatively hurries through the major beats and iconic moments from The Exorcist, complete with levitation, “the power of Christ compels you,” and pea-soup vomit. You can watch the video embedded below.

Please do consider voting for Lee and this video at Empire Online’s competition page. It takes just a moment to sign up and it would be great to see something this creative and Exorcist-related take the major prize.

Also, while we’re on the subject of shortened versions of The Exorcist, don’t forget the hilarious ‘…in 30 Seconds with Bunnies‘ version which hit the internet several years ago.

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