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Sculpting Regan from scratch

Halloween is coming, folks, and you know what that means: Carved pumpkins, mountains of candy and horror movie marathons on every other TV station. It’s also the one time die-hard Exorcist fans get to dress up as Regan, wearing clothes splashed with green pea soup and calling people “worthless cocksuckers” while blaming it on a legitimate Holiday. I don’t go as far as some (I usually just dress as Father Merrin and ‘bless’ people), but I’m guaranteed to receive emails from fans who have gone the distance with Exorcist-themed displays in their yards or exceptional Regan costumes to greet and freak children as they trick-or-treat.

I was recently linked to this Halloween Mask Association forum thread created by sculptor ‘Mike’. In 2010, he decided to sculpt a replica of Regan from scratch, starting with nothing more than a lump of clay (at least, I presume it’s clay being used). He provided progress pictures and shared them on the forum, including the fascinating final result.

His effort resulted in one of the most impressive Regan sculptures I have ever seen. I even tested it on my wife– she walked in to my office where I was preparing the final image to post in this thread, and she did not believe for a second that it was actually a sculpture. I had to show her the progress pictures.

Just imagine having something like this greet you at a random house on Halloween! To this day I know some adults who refuse to even see an image of possessed Regan, let alone sit through The Exorcist ever again. This terrifying piece of fan art (if you can call it that) is absolutely priceless.

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