I find this 1990 comedy spin-off of The Exorcist so awful it’s captivating. A guilty pleasure of mine, I found this box office bomb for rent at the video store about a year after I discovered The Exorcist. The premise is outstanding: Cast Linda Blair in a piss-take of the role she played 17 years earlier and pair her up with Naked Gun cornerstone Leslie Nielson.

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite come off as magical as it could have. Indeed, it picked up a Razzie or two and now lingers as a sort of embarrassment. Chuck it in the pile with the other Exorcist sequels, I guess— even though, strictly speaking, this is not a sequel to The Exorcist.

The jokes are clever albeit clearly obvious. The opening act is probably the most enjoyable before it spirals into just another spinoff movie and starts to leave The Exorcist jokes behind until the final ten minutes or so.

I often wonder, when I hear about people that found The Exorcist funny, if Repossessed is the kind of thing they saw in their minds? Because of drugs they were on on because of desensitization — this film should be the only place where Linda’s head spinning around could be found humorous.  Maybe not.

Repossessed Trailer


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