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Watching Ellen Burstyn in Louie

It shouldn’t take an episode of the sitcom Louie to remind me that Ellen Burstyn’s performance in The Exorcist is phenomenal — but that’s what happened. I’ve always known her portrayal of Chris NacNeil was extraordinarily good (they don’t just hand out those Oscar nominations to any random performance… right?). So what …

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William Peter Blatty Passes Away At 89-Years-Old

… sigh. This is truly a sad for for all of us fans of The Exorcist, and it’s one that’s not going to be forgotten — ever. It’s just one of those things that’s extremely hard to write about, and I know that the news has broken practically everywhere else, and …

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Exorcism of the Real Exorcist House to Air Live on TV

Newspaper clipping of the exorcism of Ronald Doe.

Entertainment Weekly reports Destination America have decided it’d be a fantastic ratings grab to have a house exorcised on live TV. Live. An exorcism. In 2016. It all takes place in October and it’ll be the first time an exorcism has been aired live in the U.S. (And there’s probably a …

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RARE: Linda Blair Promoting The Exorcist in Japan

In July of 1974, vibrant fifteen-year-old Linda Blair made promotional appearances in Japan to promote The Exorcist. Media of these appearances has been hard to track down over the years. These fantastic rare images have come to my attention, seemingly snapshots or scans of a Japanese magazine. They show a beaming Linda Blair …

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Epic Limited Edition LEGION Shirts From FRIGHT-RAGS

Leading horror apparel website Fright-Rags have revealed 4 epic limited edition Exorcist III shirts that go on sale later this month. Designed exclusively for Fright-Rags by renowned artists, fans will not be able to get these shirts anywhere else. You’ll definitely need to pre-order to secure your shirt(s). Pre-orders start 10AM (EST) November 12 and …

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WATCH: Dick Smith’s Heartwarming Oscar Acceptance Speech

Dick Smith receiving The Governor's Award at The Oscars

Reflecting on the life and career of make-up artist Dick Smith following the news of his passing, it’s humbling to watch his heartwarming acceptance speech from 2011 when The Academy honored him with a Governors Award— the very highest and most prestigious type of Oscar. The Oscar is presented by an emotional Rick Baker, who …

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