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Fergie is an Exorcist fan?

I remember reading this back in March.  Made me think it might be interesting to start a list of celebrities who are also Exorcist fans.  Seems Black Eyed Peas‘ sexy front-chik Fergie was a big fan of the film as a child.  So much so, her mother feared she would …

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Warner Brothers will distribute films online

Some interesting news for Exorcist fans, Time Warner’s Warner Brothers distribution studio is going to be the first to make their films legally available for download using the BitTorrent peer-to-peer network. The deal is already close to launch in Germany, with the States, UK and Australia not far behind. Along …

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Your chance to meet Eileen Dietz

I have just had some cool news about Eileen Dietz arrive in my inbox. Eileen, of course, played Linda Blair‘s double in the original Exorcist, and has gathered quite a following in recent years. She is also the face of Captain Howdy we have all come to know and love. …

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Pictures, pictures, pictures

Need your fix of Exorcist images? You’ve come to the right website! We have a GALLERY of images (including Wallpapers and Rare shots) slowly building RIGHT HERE. This site is still green and very much a work-in-progress, so the gallery isn’t officially linked on the menu just yet. If you’ve …

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Visit the famous Exorcist steps on your PC

Ever wanted to visit the Washington steps but live too far away (like myself, for example)? Well DC Guide have updated their Virtual Tour of the steps which allow you to view a 3D photograph of the actual location. Sounds too good to be true? Click Here and discover it …

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Legion: For we are many

To all the loyal Exorcist fans around the globe who have hung on for CaptainHowdy.com every single day over the last several years, I thank you. I remember posting back in our heyday that I would never let my baby die. Projects come and go, but this website must always …

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