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“A Legion of Interference” FANGORIA article

Captainhowdy.com member Ryan has posted more goodies on his website The Ninth Configuration, a site which celebrates the work of Exorcist author William Peter Blatty. A rare article titled“Legion of Interference” first appeared in Fangoria magazine back in 1993 and details how Morgan Creek stumbled through the production of Exorcist …

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Paranormal Task Force: The St. Louis Exorcism

The folks over at Paranormal Task Force recently brought their site back online after a short absence. This is good news for fans of The Exorcist because it also means their page devoted to research into the 1949 St Louis exorcism is back online. The ˜actual’ exorcism, which was reported …

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The Beginning 101: Hyena Storyboards

Those with a keen interest in the filmmaking process might be interested in a recent find by The Exorcist Fansite long-timer Justy. He recently posted a link to a series of storyboards used for Exorcist: The Beginning. They were found on Renny Harlin‘s official website (yes, he has an official …

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Some MAD scans from the 70’s

Blizzi has come through yet again, providing plenty of stuffing for the Articles and Rare Images sections of The Exorcist Fansite; offering the goods upfront on the Fan Forums. The most priceless addition to the growing collection has to be the classic MAD spoof of The Exorcist in their 1974 …

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Friedkin gets the horror ‘Bug’ all over again

If they haven’t already, fans of the directorial work of William Friedkin might want to check out his latest addition to horror – ‘Bug‘ for Lion’s Gate films.  The official website is here where you can check out images and watch the trailer. Bug stars Ashley Judd, Michael Shannon and …

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Easter gift #1: More rare images

Happy Easter, everyone! If you’re a regular and you keep your eye on the posts in our Exorcist Fan Forums, you’d notice member Blizzi has provided a tremendous selection of even more rare Exorcist images; along with some very cool hyperlinks to various Exorcist-related websites. These have been included in …

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