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FanMeet: Linda Blair

Exorcist Fansite reader Michael forwarded this picture of himself with Linda Blair taken recently. “Here is Ms. LInda Blair and I,taken at the Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas Texas May 2, 2009. She was a warm, genuine and wonderful woman who took the time to speak with me among many …

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Is there actual talk of a remake?

KEVIN wrote: Hey captain, great website. I’m hooked. My question is this: Is there actual talk of a re-make? I’ve done a little research and it’s pretty quiet on the subject. I’m not sure if I’m o.k. with it, but at the same time I would love to see a …

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Did you ever notice the PIGS in Karras’ death?

Matt Brumley wrote: I have a question regarding the ending of the original film. After Damien hurls himself through the window, Kinderman looks out the window to observe Karras’ body. On the left side of the screen appears the word “PIG” in red graffiti ink. Does the insertion of this …

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Pazuzu Rocks It with Gorillaz

Geoff writes: I’ve heard the band Gorillaz did a video featuring Captain Howdy from The Exorcist. Is that true and do you know where I can see it? The video is called ˜Rock It‘ and mainly features the Pazuzu statue singing along to the song. You may have had trouble …

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The Original Exorcist plot thickens

Here’s an interesting email from Norman which just arrived in my inbox, referring to the ˜Just who was the original Exorcist‘ from a few days ago: Several years ago I heard Blatty lecture at Georgretown and, in rpeosnse to my quesiton about if Karras was the main character of the …

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Prequels: The Debacle

Zoe Lewis wrote: Are Exorcist: The Beginning and Dominion: Prequel to The Exorcist the same film? They seem very similar. Goodness. Asking this question is opening a huge can of worms. Exorcist fans who followed the disastrous trail of the prequel being made since it was announced by film studio …

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