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How about those cool behind-the-scene images?

Captain Howdy continues to answer any questions you may have about The Exorcist. You may ask anything you like by using this contact form.

The Exorcist (5).jpgJoe would like to know: “Where did you get all the behind the scene pics from the set of “The Exorcist?”

Answer: Well, Joe, if I gave away trade secrets it might it might lessen the strength of the best Exorcist fansite online, would it not? The truth is, CaptainHowdy.com has been online since the late 90’s and has gathered fans from all over the world who continually send through goodies to share with other fans. Keeping a close eye on the Forums is advised, because most of these treats turn up there before I post about them here on the main page. The impressive collection of Behind-the-Scenes images I have amassed here at CaptainHowdy.com is the result of hard work from both myself and other fans who have sourced images from TV screens, old posters, magazine articles, second hand book stores “ you name it, they have and will continue to seek out the rarest of images to add to our collection. All in the aid of sharing these images with other Exorcist fans worldwide!
Special credits for such findings over the years have to include life-members Justy and Sofia; among many, many others.

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