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Eventually, I want to create a huge online FAQ for The Exorcist. I get emails all the time (almost daily) asking me various questions about the film and I am going to start archiving them with my replies to hopefully publish the ultimate Exorcist FAQ in the near future.

I will post a few questions from visitors as I go “ especially the interesting ones. Beginning with this email from Hister:
œI have seen a thing called the EXORCIST MAZE game at YouTube and other locations, have you heard about this and where it can be downloaded for gameplay on my own PC? It is a maze that someone tries to go thru and then Linda Blair’s (Exorcist face) pops up to scare the gameplayers. Please let me know if you know where to find this file to play.

Hister, the maze was created by Jeremy Winterrowd and you can play it at his website HERE. Be sure to have the sound up REAL loud.

Check out my favorite YouTube scare using this game HERE. And HERE is a search result featuring most of the videos posted on YouTube.

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