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Linda Blair, Didn’t You Used To Be Satan?

Another rare Exorcist-related video has found its way to the surface through The Exorcist Fansite Discussion Forums, this time with special thanks to user RJ1979.

Fame Factor aired on the UK’s Channel 4 during the 90’s and featured documentaries on various celebrities. One such segment happened to be titled ‘Didn’t You Used To Be Satan?’ and Linda Blair was the subject, focusing on the false rumors that she, as a teenage actress, suffered horrendous trauma as a result of playing Regan in The Exorcist and ultimately turned to drug and alcohol abuse.

The documentary features some new interviews with William Peter Blatty, author of The Exorcist, as well as actress Ellen Burstyn and of course Linda Blair herself. It also includes some rare newspaper snippets and footage of Linda Blair in her everyday environment at home and with her pets (albeit mocked-up.) Worth a watch for any keen Exorcist fan, you can now see the entire segment below.


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  • Frankchriskelly

    i love the exorcist but it did’nt scare me i got secretly aroused by it…. in my teens i started smacking the old corn beef and gabbage to the movie my parents thought i was a horror freak little did there no what kind of freak i really was….i was so excited when the exorcist 2 came out but that movie gave me the floppy joes for months…..then came along repossessed and i was back to my fav dish the old corn beef gabbage.