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Captain Howdy is Pazuzu, Pazuzu is Captain Howdy. Neither is The Devil…

042.jpgEmerald Naswood wrote:
Mr. Howdy are you really satan himself or are you just one of his demons? Also, is it true 3 a.m. is the time when Jesus died and is it the best time for evil to be around?

Emerald (if that is in fact your real name), I am not personally Mr. Howdy. This is just an Exorcist fansite that I operate and Captain Howdy seemed like a good dot com to use. I’m sure you knew that already but I felt it best to clarify. Further, Captain Howdy is NOT Satan. The demon possessing Regan is actually Pazuzu, and you can read all about that nasty bastard right here. Yes, yes, I know in the book and in the film Pazuzu says he IS Satan: œ¦And I am the Devil- now kindly undo these straps! However, be sure to recall what Father Merrin says when he arrives at the MacNeil home: œThe demon is a liar…. In an effort to trick Father Karras investigation into whether or not an exorcism is warranted, Pazuzu ˜bluffs’ bluffs him with some half-truths, including calling himself ˜the Devil’ (when he is only ˜a’ devil), and writhing about on the bed when sprinkled with unblessed tap water. Tricky little Devil¦errr, Pazuzu.

As for your Jesus and the 3am question “ that is up for debate, and one I am not going to venture into. It’s an interesting conspiracy theory.

If you have a question about anything to do with The Exorcist, be sure to use this contact form and I will respond right here online to share with other Exorcist fans around the world.


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