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Epic Limited Edition LEGION Shirts From FRIGHT-RAGS

Leading horror apparel website Fright-Rags have revealed 4 epic limited edition Exorcist III shirts that go on sale later this month. Designed exclusively for Fright-Rags by renowned artists, fans will not be able to get these shirts anywhere else. You’ll definitely need to pre-order to secure your shirt(s). Pre-orders start 10AM (EST) November 12 and …

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LEGION coming to Blu-ray; Blatty reveals

William Peter Blatty has revealed Warner Brothers are planning an Exorcist Blu-ray package that is set to include The Exorcist III: Legion. It will be the first time the 1990 horror has appeared on the high definition format. The same can be said for Exorcist II: The Heretic and (I presume) the prequels Exorcist: The Beginning and/or Dominion: Prequel …

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Article: William Peter Blatty and Owen Roizman revisit THE EXORCIST for Rue Morgue Magazine

In their latest issue, Canadian publication Rue Morgu Magazine have featured interviews with author William Peter Blatty and cinematographer Owen Roizman as they revisit their experiences on The Exorcist. The article has been superbly written by John W. Bowen and has kindly been scanned and shared via Blatty-dedicated website The Ninth Configuration, …

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WildClaw theatre stage adaptation of LEGION

It’s been too long since I kicked back and properly enjoyed William Peter Blatty’s film Exorcist III: Legion. I consider it the strongest of all the Exorcist sequels/prequels. It’s a shame we’re still waiting on something official in the way of the Blatty’s original cut, instead of the studio-ravaged version …

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Lobby Cards of The Exorcist, Heretic and Legion

It’s a shame how lobby cards became phased out in recent years. Big, beefy promotional material always suited cinema. These days almost everything happens online or via cable television. At least we have traditional, classic lobby cards from The Exorcist that we can look back on. Thanks to Stephen for …

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