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LEGION coming to Blu-ray; Blatty reveals

William Peter Blatty has revealed Warner Brothers are planning an Exorcist Blu-ray package that is set to include The Exorcist III: Legion.

It will be the first time the 1990 horror has appeared on the high definition format. The same can be said for Exorcist II: The Heretic and (I presume) the prequels Exorcist: The Beginning and/or Dominion: Prequel to The Exorcist.


This exciting news came directly from Bill in an update to theninthconfiguration.com, the website devoted to all-things W.P. Blatty run by Everything Exorcist life-member Ryan.

Sadly, Blatty stated the Legion Blu-ray disc will not contain special features.

The update also details the release of Blatty’s upcoming novel, titled Not A Horror Novel, and selection of rare screenplays being published by Cemetery Dance (including his draft of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest).

Blatty hinted at upcoming updates for The Exorcist mini-series he has written, as well as casting The Exorcist stage play for Broadway. Click here to read the full update.


While it’s exciting to learn Legion will arrive on Blu-ray via an Exorcist package (which I presume will be similar to the Complete Anthology DVD boxset released in 2006), I’m sure fans would be very interested in seeing Legion get an individual release with engrossing special features.

The production was famously troubled as first-time director Blatty battled studio Morgan Creek to make and release the film he wanted. The studio got their way, however, and a new ending was financed and shot after Blatty turned in the first cut. The mysterious original edit has now been missing for over two decades. Unearthing something like that for a Blu-ray release would be too tantalizing to refuse.

The Exorcist III: Legion ultimately failed at the box office before becoming a cult favorite on video.

Stay tuned for more updates and some official word on this Blu-ray news.


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