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WildClaw theatre stage adaptation of LEGION

It’s been too long since I kicked back and properly enjoyed William Peter Blatty’s film Exorcist III: Legion. I consider it the strongest of all the Exorcist sequels/prequels. It’s a shame we’re still waiting on something official in the way of the Blatty’s original cut, instead of the studio-ravaged version …

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Who’s Line Is It Anyway?

There is something truly rewarding about being the fan of something and to have pop culture honor its greatness by giving it reference. For Exorcist fans, it underlines the fact that the film we love is undoubtedly a classic known world wide. Take this clip of the American improv show …

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Jessica Alba does Linda Blair

Actress Jessica Alba recently posed for an exclusive photo shoot with Latina magazine where she is depicted as famous females in horror films. Amongst images of her shrieking as Tippi Hedren in The Birds and screaming for her life as Janet Leigh in Psycho, she is also seen clutching the …

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