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Linda Blair in unseen test footage

The Final Clip of Unseen EXORCIST Test Footage!

Leading horror website BloodyDisgusting.com have finally revealed the fourth and final clip of their exclusive effects test footage from The Exorcist. The previous 3 clips, all taken from the same reel of footage, have been revealed over the last two weeks.

This final clip is equally as intriguing and exciting as the others. We see the familiar chest of drawers from Regan’s bedroom being used for the effect of a drawer eerily opening by itself. The mystery guy in the red shirt returns sitting in the frame while the drawer pops open behind him. Interestingly, this particular angle was never used in the film while most of the other test footage uses very familiar angles.

More bed shaking is tested along with some suspiciously over-zealous male-on-male attempts to ‘save’ a giggling Linda Blair.

Finally we see Linda in what seems to be a wig, her night gown and perhaps even partial demon make-up. She sits alone in the bed while the violent shaking effect is tested.

It’s also interesting to note that this last clip all but confirmed the man with the mustache in the blue shirt is almost certainly not William Peter Blatty, as BloodyDisgusting’s source first suspected.

We’ve been discussing this test footage on the discussion forums and I’ll delve deeper into what is actually being seen in a future post.

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