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Blatty reads an excerpt from The Exorcist

If you can get past the unfortunately irritating host Raymond Arroyd in this clip from his show The World Over, Exorcist fans can enjoy a very special treat.

In the middle of this interview author William Peter Blatty is asked to read an excerpt from the 40th Anniversary edition of The Exorcist and, thank goodness, he obliges. I guarantee you’ve never heard Blatty’s writing delivered in a more chilling manner. Hell, it’s perfect.

I’ve heard Blatty’s audiobook recording of The Exorcist before and it was amazingly intoxicating. Subsequent reads of the novel have rendered his voice in my head, something I welcome and am grateful for.

This is how any reading of The Exorcist should be delivered. Always.

Blatty also discusses the revisions of his novel for the 40th Anniversary release and answers how he can keep his faith and write such horrific art.

Be sure to pick up your copy of The Exorcist 40th Anniversary edition.

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