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Exorcist Remake

THE EXORCIST takes to the stage

Some of this criteria comes dangerously close to indicating a remake of The Exorcist might be right around the corner: A new LA-based production based on William Peter Blatty’s most famous novel is about to get underway. However, it’s not the TV mini-series we’ve been praying for, nor is it a feature film …

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Michael Bay does The Exorcist remake?

On Monday, DARK HORIZONS reported that Michael Bay‘s DUNES company had its sights on remaking The Exorcist. Thanks for all who emailed me the scoop, however, Monday was April 1st and you have been appropriately fooled! Which is VERY GOOD NEWS, in a way, because if the report Dark Horizons …

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Say NO to any Exorcist remake!

I am calling on all Exorcist and genre films fans to please take 30 seconds to sign this petition telling Warner Brothers and Morgan Creek we are NOT IN FAVOR of an Exorcist remake! Please help spread the word about this petition and get as many digital signatures as we …

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Linda Blair fuels Exorcist Remake news

The internet is buzzing with news that Warner Brothers and/or Morgan Creek might be looking at a remake of The Exorcist. It seems during her appearance at the International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival, Linda Blair herself hinted at the possibilities of The Exorcist being remade during her presentation before …

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