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Father Merrin saying "I cast you out."

I Cast You Out, Malicious Malware!

I started this website  in 1999 when I was just 18 years old. I’ve long since married, changed locations numerous times (and learned that I truly hate moving) and am now raising two children. Both of them are now attending their first years of school. My life has changed immensely since I started captainhowdy.com.

There are times this website can be a burden.

For example: This January, following the 40th anniversary of The Exorcist, you may have noticed some downtime. This site was attacked and malicious threats were secretly placed across some of my pages, galleries and the discussion forum. Importantly, the threat has now been removed and appropriate steps were taken to ensure it doesn’t happen again— but while tinkering away at the keyboard for numerous days trying to solve these issues I still had to feed and water my children, be a father and husband, and do my job to earn an income. It was a struggle at times.


“I think I’ve lost my faith, Tom.”

Once the threat was removed and the website returned to normal, I sat back and looked at the big picture. I thought about the good things captainhowdy.com has brought me, and how I enjoy the community we have built over many years. It made me aware of how dedicated I am to this website and the film it lavishes over.

I still enjoy finding time to write about The Exorcist and I want to do that a lot more. Despite it being over 40 years old there is still much to be discussed and many things to discover. I still have aspirations to continue with this community and the recent technical issues- while an absolute pain in the ass at the time– have re-affirmed those feelings.


So thank you all, loyal and long-time followers, for your patience, assistance and understanding.

For those interested, here’s what I have planned for the near future–

  • A new layout and news delivery system that will make posting and browsing more efficient.
  • A new layout for the Discussion Forum is coming soon, along with a general update of the software.
  • An Exorcist-themed podcast with special guests to discuss the greatest horror film of all time.
  • New images for new galleries and updated sections such as Parallel Imagery and Subliminal Images (long overdue).
  • Instead of just waiting for Exorcist news before posting, I’d like to feature more personal and guest editorials, keeping content fresh.
  • And much more…

Again, thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding, and please keep providing feedback.

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