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The Final Clip of Unseen EXORCIST Test Footage!

Linda Blair in unseen test footage

Leading horror website have finally revealed the fourth and final clip of their exclusive effects test footage from The Exorcist. The previous 3 clips, all taken from the same reel of footage, have been revealed over the last two weeks. This final clip is equally as intriguing and exciting as the …

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Watch Linda Blair’s appearance on ABC News

Linda Blair appeared on the ABC News segment What’s The Buzz on October 24, 2012. You can watch her appearance below. The interviewer opens the segment my mispronouncing the name ‘Regan’ but does go on to dub Linda “The Queen of Halloween”, which I think is an appropriate title. In …

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Watch: THE EXORCIST as a hilarious sitcom

The Exorcist sitcom title screencap

A silver lining to staying home sick is getting to watch reruns of classic sitcoms on television. The Exorcist terrified me as a teenager but I doubt it would’ve had the same effect if it came packaged with a plucky opening theme and a canned laugh track. The guys over at Film …

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More unseen test footage from THE EXORCIST

Linda Blair during Exorcist FX testing

The folks at Bloody-Disgusting have released the next two videos of unseen test footage from The Exorcist thanks to their unnamed source. The two new videos show Linda Blair in jeans and shirt, perched on the bed while rigging is tested around her. The levitation of Regan’s bed reveals special effect artist …

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Watch Linda Blair’s TODAY segment ‘FROM DEVIL TO ANGEL’

Linda Blair on TODAY, Oct 10 2012

NBC’s Today show aired a short piece on Linda Blair on October 10, 2012. The segment, titled From Devil To Angel, focused on Linda’s World Heart Foundation and the dog sanctuary she has founded in southern California. During the interview Linda likens her passion for helping unwanted animals to being in the …

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Watch amazing unseen test footage from THE EXORCIST!

Linda Blair in rare test footage

This year’s Halloween treat has come early, fellow Exorcist fans, thanks to anonymous source and the masters of horror news, Bloody-Disgusting. They have recently published the first clips of newly discovered test footage filmed ahead of principal photography. The built sets can be seen (Regan’s bedroom) and Linda Blair appears …

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Artwork revealed for revised 40th Anniversary special edition novels

Publishing house Lonely Road Books are busy proofing their upcoming revised special edition releases of The Exorcist 40th Anniversary novel. They recently revealed the amazing artwork that will be used on the covers and gave William Peter Blatty dedication site The Ninth Configuration an exclusive look.   Details about the upcoming …

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