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THE EXORCIST listed #1 on Time Out’s 100 Best Horror Films

Father Merrin utterance, "...there is only one."

“There is only one…” It appears a team of 100 experts selected by London’s Time Out magazine hearkened Father Merrin’s famously whispered words and have declared that, indeed, “there is only one”. They have collectively named The Exorcist the Best Horror Film of all time– probably a phrase I have used more than any …

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Limited numbers of amazing Exorcist poster designs available

When it comes to the current trend of minimalist movie poster designs, The Exorcist is often deliberately left alone because the designs can be painfully obvious. Thankfully, the famous Alamo Drafthouse cinema recently screened the horror classic and commissioned some new Exorcist poster designs from talented Toronto designers Phantom City Creative. The results are …

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New Exorcist book is a must!

Taking a detailed look at every aspect of our favorite film, Centipede Press have compiled an amazing book that has emerged as a must-own piece of work. Titled The Exorcist: Studies In The Horror Film, the book is jam-packed with many contributors who provide amazing original essays, interviews and thoughtful …

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Regan’s Tongue t-shirt design

As fans of The Exorcist know, coming across official memorabilia for the film is a difficult task. Marketing for motion pictures was handled very differently back in 1973 (Star Wars in ’77 soon changed all that!), there wasn’t exactly an abundance of t-shirts, lunch boxes, posters or figurines to latch …

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On this day in 1973

On this day in 1973 The Exorcist premiered to audiences. Happy 38th Anniversary to one of the most chilling horror stories ever told, and Merry Christmas to all of its devoted fans who frequent this website. I look forward to bringing you more updates and discussion in the new year. …

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Linda Blair scheduled to appear at 2012 Victoria Film Festival

Any Exorcist fans who may have been considering attending the 2012 Victoria Film Festival in Canada’s beautiful British Columbia now have absolutely no excuse to miss it– Linda Blair will be appearing in person to sign autographs, give a Q&A session and enjoy and a screening of The Exorcist with a lucky …

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