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Father Merrin utterance, "...there is only one."

THE EXORCIST listed #1 on Time Out’s 100 Best Horror Films

“There is only one…”

It appears a team of 100 experts selected by London’s Time Out magazine hearkened Father Merrin’s famously whispered words and have declared that, indeed, “there is only one”. They have collectively named The Exorcist the Best Horror Film of all time– probably a phrase I have used more than any other on captainhowdy.com– on their list of the 100 Best Horror Films.

It’s nice to see The Exorcist get the recognition it absolutely deserves, especially in modern times where the film’s impact seems to have lessened, oftentimes slipping further and further down the pecking order of similar lists, if listed at all (I’m looking at you, AFI 100).

“Friedkin created a horror movie like no other”, they wrote, “both brutal and beautiful, artful and exploitative, exploring wacked-out religious concepts with the clinical precision of an agnostic scientist.”

Thank you, Time Out, for getting it right.

“One hope… The only hope… The Exorcist.”

See Time Out’s 100 Best Horror Films list here.

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