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    I have just read a wikipedia article which relates to a remake of The Exorcist, where Russell Crowe has been cast as Father Karras, Sharon Stone as Chris Macneil, Jennifer Lawrence as Regan, Christopher Walken as Merrin, and bob Gunton as Lieutenant Kinderman,

    The outline was the same storyline, no veering away from the original, it stated it was supposedly to be released March 2016, I am aware that date has since passed, and am curious as to why such an article would be live, given that no such remake has been made.

    It was to be directed by Michael bay, with input from Bill Friedkin, is there any truth to this story, is the project still on, or is it dead in the water, I find it incredible that one of the most iconic films of all time has not been remade for a modern audience, could it be that Blatty and Friedkin don’t want to tarnish the legacy of the original.


    I have just watched the first episode of the new mini series, The Exorcist, as a massive fan of both the novel and film(s), I didn’t know what to expect and tuned in with great interest, would this be a retelling of the original, or be an all new story, based around the original,

    I soon realised we were in all new territory, and yet the all too familiar undertones of the original were at play, it was dark, brooding, and utterly gripping, the story centres around an all new family, many years after the events of the original, Geena Davies is the mother of two daughters, Catherine and Casey, and the wife of Henry, (Alan Ruck) who appears to be suffering an onset of dementia or Alzheimers, there is a tension in the house, almost claustrophobic due to the particular stresses each family member is experiencing, catherine is recovering from the trauma of seeing a friend killed, casey is being almost motherly in trying to bring her sister out of her malaise,

    These character are complimented brilliantly by the two priests, father Tomas, a young enthusiastic cleric, and the doubt ridden father Marcus, the tone is just right, and it played a wonderful homage to the original by referencing the Regan case, and playing out with the haunting Tubular Bells, which has become forever attached to the Exorcist,

    I cannot wait for the next instalment, I live in the UK, so have only seen the first episode, fans of the Exorcist can be assured that this series is not only a fabulously dark and eerie offering, but also an honest and respectful tribute to the original.

    P.S. I have a feeling the original movie will be remade in the not too distant future.


    Would be cool, but doubt it.

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